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Biomarker Blood Testing

23.10.2014   FITT Lab   blog   1 Comment

FITTLab Panel The blood tells quite a story, from hormone levels to your ability to fight off illness. Our proprietary panel goes the distance to test a wide range of

Anaerobic Threshold

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Some basic body chemistry is at work when you work out. To meet its energy demands, the body burns fats and carbohydrates in the presence of oxygen – aerobic activity.

The Science of Anti-Aging Medicine

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The human body needs three things to exist – and yet those same three things can work against our effort to live better longer. We all need oxygen, energy and

The Skinny on Measuring Body Composition

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There’s no lack of information and opinion on the use of bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body composition. So let’s instead take a look at the technology and how

Three things you didn’t know were in your blood

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Blood testing and analysis has been going on since at least 1628 when British physician William Harvey discovered that blood circulates through the body.  From folklore and narrative history we

Moving to the Rhythm of Life

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The lub-dub of the human heart is magical. Its steady rhythm is like a personal soundtrack that keeps tempo with the fluctuations of our daily lives; increasing with stressors like

Q&A: Vitamins and Working Out

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Dr. Maiquez discusses taking vitamins when you work out Do workout junkies need more vitamins? YES. THE MORE ENERGY WE BURN THE HIGHER THE REQUIREMENTS FOR VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS. Why

Functional Medicine: Focused on the Cause, Not Curing Symptoms

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Functional medicine is defined as a true understanding of the bio-physiology of human beings in order to correct underlying imbalances. This allows us to find causes and fix problems before

Getting Enough B12?

17.10.2014   FITT Lab   blog   No comments

Some people get a weekly B12 shot, boosting their energy for the next several days.  Some even report having an elevated mood or an increased ability to deal with stress.

FITTLab Protocol

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It happens year after year. Over a decade of annual physicals you’ve collected plenty of data and had plenty of tests. There is a file on you that is inches

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