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EndoPAT Assess Cardiovascular Health

Accurately Assess cardiovascular health with EndoPAT

This leading technology is the gold standard for noninvasive endothelial function assessment. The activity of these cells, the inner lining of blood vessels, is an indication of overall heart health. Any noted dysfunction in this body-wide system is the earliest clinically detectable stage of cardiovascular disease. Endothelial dysfunction is involved in numerous ailments and disease including erectile dysfunction, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, renal failure, and stroke.


The health of your cardiovascular system through the functioning of the endothelial cells. Using a blood pressure cuff and fingertip sensor, EndoPAT measures changes in vascular tone (Peripheral Arterial Tone) when blood is surging through the vessels. Endothelium is the same throughout the body, so a fingertip measurement is an accurate assessment of the body’s entire endothelial system.

You will receive a score at the conclusion of the test. The higher your EndoScore, the better the health of your endothelium and the lower the risk for heart disease.

Early detection of endothelial dysfunction allows corrective action to be taken before serious heart conditions result. Studies show the EndoPAT test is highly predictive of a major cardiac event, even in patients considered at low or moderate risk. Yearly tests are advised as part of a comprehensive health monitoring program and to see the positive changes made through adopting healthier lifestyle habits.


EndoPAT testing equipmentEndoPAT™: a non-invasive early warning indicator of cardiovascular disease. Using blood pressure cuffs and a fingertip sensor, the flow of blood is monitored through a computer interface and software that times the test, collects and analyzes data, and generates a report. The cuffs are used on both arms and sensors are placed on the index fingers of both hands. The test takes 15 minutes.

EndoPAT™ was approved by the FDA in 2003 and is currently used in over 40 countries.


  • EndoScore at conclusion of test
  • Real-time readings on control arm and test arm

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