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It happens year after year. Over a decade of annual physicals you’ve collected plenty of data and had plenty of tests. There is a file on you that is inches thick and growing. Most recently you’ve been moved to a portal that allows you electronic access to your file by entering a user name and password. This is progress! Instant access to your medical information any time you want it!

How often have you accessed it? Do you even know what any of this means? Medical information is an essential tool in our quest to lead healthier lives. It’s time we took control of that information AND our health. That’s where FITTLab plays a key role – offering the FITTLab Assessment.

News You Can Use

A single medical test yields valuable information. The FITTLab Assessment includes 12 tests and we haven’t even gotten to the blood panel yet. The collective data paints a thorough picture of you, your body, and your current state of health and fitness. It reveals some insight into what got you here and where you are headed if you stay the course. No matter the results, knowledge is power and with some medical expertise, you will be able to put that information to use, not simply seeing that you are “within range” or “above average” or “a little higher than we’d like.” You’ll be able to take action, real steps to improve your health, address root causes instead of alleviating symptoms, and chart your progress. That’s all we really want, right? To be able to “do something about it.”

Inside Scoop

The FITTLab Assessment will take about 2 hours to complete. There will be some requirements about eating a light breakfast or lunch so you are completely comfortable during the process, but beyond that, you’ll need only to wear comfortable clothing you’d wear to work out. Testing includes bone density and resting metabolic rate, brain function and 3 other aging biomarkers, heart health screening and a body composition analysis to name a few. The ability to look inside your body using a number of tools is the best physical you can get and one you should be getting at least once a year.

Blood Panel

The FITTLab Assessment can be even better when you add the custom blood panel. Designed by an anti-aging physician board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, it goes well beyond CBC, lipid profile and glucose levels. The FITTLab Panel looks at more than 25 biomarkers including several hormones like follicle stimulating hormone, sex hormone binding globulin and luteinizing hormone. It also checks markers for inflammation, metabolism support and your ability to fight off disease.

Adding the FITTLab Panel to the Assessment creates a complete testing opportunity, a truly executive physical, for someone wanting to actively manage their health and wellbeing.

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