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Functional medicine is defined as a true understanding of the bio-physiology of human beings in order to correct underlying imbalances. This allows us to find causes and fix problems before disease sets in rather than prescribe medication that addresses only symptoms of disease.

Disease is a long-standing imbalance of some sort that when addressed at the root, well beyond just alleviating symptoms, can be successfully treated and in many cases reversed or eliminated.

We use many tools – but start with a complete medical history and one-on-one interview that allows each patient to fully express their health goals and describe how they are feeling both physically, mentally and emotionally. This is extremely valuable information that, when coupled with lab testing, can help pinpoint not only problems, but opportunities for correction before disease sets in. Patients will not only be assessed, but the results of their testing will be shared in an informative and pro-active way that sets a clear path for better health with the medical backing of one of Miami’s premier practices setting the standard for anti-aging medicine for 10 years.

Lab tests can include the FITTLab blood panel and/or the FITTLab Assessment. The blood panel takes a look at more than 25 biomarkers including several hormones, vitamins, proteins and lipids. The FITTLab Assessment is a comprehensive battery of medical tests that together paints a detailed picture of your current level of health and fitness.

The MIAMI Institute for Age Management and Intervention has been setting the standard in medical aesthetics and anti-aging medicine for 10 years. With the Institute’s FITTLab, South Florida’s sunshine and beaches will take a back seat to the exclusive opportunity to advance one’s health and vitality at a state-of-the-art facility backed by the region’s best!

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