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OligoScan Mineral and Toxic Metal Testing


Instant intra-tissular mineral and toxic metal testing

The body needs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to be at its best. Lacking or missing nutrients causes imbalance that can lead to more serious health issues and disease. The same cannot be said for heavy metals. The human body requires only trace amounts of just a few metals. Toxic heavy metals are present in the world’s food and water supply, in products we use, the air we breathe. Once in the body, heavy metals can cause cellular damage leading to the development of significant health problems and disease. The skin on your palms holds all the answers.


Testing levels of minerals and toxic heavy metals in the body
Testing levels of minerals and toxic heavy metals in the body

Precise levels of minerals and toxic heavy metals in the body.

  • 20 minerals including cobalt, lithium, copper, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous.
  • 14 heavy metals that are toxic including arsenic, aluminum, mercury, cadmium and beryllium.

OligoScan uses optics to measure the optical density of each mineral and metal.

Heavy metal poisoning may be the root cause of chronic issues like headaches, muscle and joint pain and lacking energy. Symptoms can range from an annoyance to severe and debilitating. Knowing that you have unhealthy levels of metal or essential minerals is an important piece of your overall health picture that contributes to an individualized plan for overcoming illness, reversing the path of disease, and achieving better health for greater enjoyment of life.


Oligoscan deviceOligoScan uses a hand-piece that contains sophisticated optics for conducting the test on the palm. The optics are gently pressed against the palm if four particular areas, collecting data at each point.
The optical scans are captured in a computer interface and sent to a comprehensive database for comparison and analysis. Precise data is returned in seconds.



  • 20 Trace Minerals
  • 14 Toxic Heavy Metals

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