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PhysioAge Biomarker Assessment to Identify how well you are aging.

PhysioAge Biomarker Assessment

Because aging is a slow process, changes in your body are not necessarily felt or noticed one year to the next. But, over time the changes are undeniable and, in many cases, are not properly addressed until correction is not an option. Merely managing age-related pain, inflammation, loss of function or range of motion is a compromise you don’t have to make.


PhysioAge medical testingVital body systems to identify how well you are aging.

  • Skin Elasticity
  • Artery Stiffness
  • Lung Function
  • Brain Function

Results indicate how fast you are aging compared to your chronological years, identify precursors to disease, and reveal your weakest body system as compared to others.

Knowing how quickly you are aging in all these areas offers a unique approach to preventing disease by addressing weaknesses and risks identified in your individual results. Retesting can track positive gains made through adopting healthy lifestyle habits including diet and exercise.


PhysioAge Biomarker Assessment is a series of individual tests using equipment specific to the area tested. CutoAge measures skin elasticity through a probe that gently pulls skin using a vacuum and times its return to normal. CardioAge uses a pressure sensor over the wrist, assessing the condition of the heart muscle and large arteries. PulmoAge tests lung capacity and elasticity through a hand piece and computer interface using spirometry. NeuroAge employs a computerized battery of tests to measure brain processing speeds and reaction times.


physioage-reporting-imageBiological age vs. Chronological age:

  • PhysioAge of your body as a whole
  • CardioAge of your heart and circulatory system
  • PulmoAge of your lungs
  • NeuroAge of your brain
  • CutoAge of your skin

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