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Use of the FITTLab website

Unless otherwise stated, this website is for information only.  The MIAMI Institute DBA FITTLab has carefully compiled the information found within this website but makes no warranties and expressly disclaims all responsibilities of any kind, whether express or implied, for the accuracy or reliability of the content in this website and cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions.

This website is not a substitute for any advice your healthcare professional or GP might have given you and any reliance or use of this information by you is totally your choice and at your risk.

By using this site and our screening services you agree with this disclaimer and our terms and conditions.

FITTLab Health Screening

The purpose of health screening is to identify wherever possible and as early as possible, certain health problems which may potentially save your life and improve your quality of life or slow down the progression of certain diseases, however, no health screening is always totally perfect and screening does not offer protection from diseases but can help you to see the changes you need to make that may help you to save your life or slow down the progression of certain diseases and improve your quality of life.  This is obviously dependent on your making the necessary changes in your life, although this cannot totally guarantee a disease free, illness free life in the future because all sorts of factors can affect your health and also certain risk factors are fixed and cannot be changed.  We cannot accept any responsibility for any problems occurring with your health after your screening.

The screening tests by FITTLab are for a set of screenings and therefore will not show up every medical problem a person may have.  If we detect any problems i.e. high glucose, vascular disease, etc. we will leave the exact diagnosis to the relevant professionals since they may need to do further tests.  We disclaim all warranties, responsibilities and liabilities in the event of FITTLab suspecting or ascertaining you have certain health problems that upon further tests and diagnosis are not present or turn out to be something else.

We disclaim all warranties and responsibilities for any problems that may occur from the screening process if you have not informed us of the relevant information that makes it unwise for you to have these tests.

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