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Blood testing and analysis has been going on since at least 1628 when British physician William Harvey discovered that blood circulates through the body.  From folklore and narrative history we also know that blood has been involved in ritual and ceremony much earlier than that. So your fascination with blood and its components is in good company!

Here are three things that are coursing through your veins every day that you might not have known, but will be glad that they are.

Albumin – is made in the liver and the most common protein found in the blood. It is responsible for carrying medications through the blood along with some nutrients and hormones like calcium and progesterone. Albumin also helps keep the osmotic pressure of the blood which keeps the fluid in the blood from leaking out of blood vessels into surrounding tissues.

LH– Luteinizing hormone is made by the pituitary gland and helps in the production of testosterone in men and women.

Ferritin – a protein that stores iron in your body’s tissues. This vital element is involved in many essential process including the production of red blood cells and converting sugar to energy. The immune system and brain development need sufficient levels of iron for optimum function, too.

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