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SonoScape Ultrasound Health Screening with 4D Imaging

SonoScape Ultrasound Health Screening

4d imaging takes a detailed look inside

Ultrasound offers a physical look inside the body that blood or stress tests cannot. Other tests may provide an indication of imbalance. SonoScape ultrasound health screening can locate a problem like a blockage or occlusion or show that everything is in perfect working order.


SonoScape patient similar to FITT Lab

Using high frequency sound waves, ultrasound creates 4D images of organs and their related systems, and structures inside the body without exposing you to the radiation used in traditional x-rays and CT scans. SonoScape ultrasound can be used on carotid artery, major organs and their surrounding vascular system, thyroid, and to check for PAD – peripheral arterial disease. Previous tests may indicate a need to look at specific organs or systems, or annual general screenings can provide a medical history of 4D images as part of your comprehensive medical record.

Yearly screenings using ultrasound will create a 4D library of your body organs and structures, chronicling changes over time. Comparing this year’s health screening with last year’s or the one from two years ago may help spot a problem, long before symptoms arise, enabling preventive or corrective action to be taken immediately. In the case of ultrasound health screening, seeing really is believing.


sonoscape s9 testing equpment

SonoScape S9: A hand probe called a transducer is gently glided over the area of interest and the full color image is displayed on a computer screen. The software not only captures the images, but also reduces noise and artifacts resulting in a clear image.



  • Color Doppler 4D images
  • Carotid Artery Screening
  • Abdominal Aorta Screening

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